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blog 001 5/8/23


its been 5 days since my 20th birthday. I am officially in my 20s. which essentially means I have to be on my shit relentlessly. I am going to japan and when I return I want the freedom to work for myself. I need to produce a shit ton of content before that day. In the next three months the goal is to arrive at 2k monthly income passively. that would be enough for me to rent a one bedroom apartment in providence and have enough money for groceries. so I can dedicate myself to making even more money. I don’t believe money to be the end goal but right now it is a motive of mine. I have five motives:

I want to be rich, ripped, famous, bilingual(Japanese and English), and immortal. in another word I want to achieve my potential. The immortal thing might have taken you off guard so I will explain. I had this idea for a book/story that I realized is my life mission a bit after the idea came to me. If we can create an AI and if we are able to upload our minds to this AI we have effectively become immortal. So that is a super difficult possibly impossible task. Thats why its such a cool mission to have. So creating systems surrounding these five objectives will allow me to achieve my potential. Even though this is a sin in James clears mind, I am going to set some goals. This year before my 21st birthday I want to have 10,000 dollars a month in passive income streams. This year before my 21st birthday I will have a visual six-pack. This year before my 21st birthday I will have a million in collective followers/subscribers between all my social medias. This year before my 21st birthday I will be conversationally fluent in Japanese, this year before my 21st birthday I will have finished my first year of college.

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The Screenplay

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Mr. Vengeance


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